Flying Dinner in Paris

Flying Dinner (c) in Restaurant Zelda, Paris

RobertK presentation of Middle Eastern art at Flying Dinner, Paris. Photo Lea Santamaria

The Flying Dinner team (curator and contemporary art specialist Samantha Barroero and art & wine-expert Linda Grabe) invited me to give a presentation of contemporary Middle Eastern art in Paris, for a select group of collectors, curators and other specialists that were brought together for a lovely Moroccan lunch. The event took place on March 19 2011, after I returned from the Sharjah Biennial and Art Dubai.
The idea behind the Flying Dinners is to present art in a novel, much more sensorial way. The invitee (in this case me) should only present real artworks (no powerpoints or handouts) and the wines and dishes are especially selected to fit the art selection.
In this case we drank lovely wines from North Africa and Syria while savouring a custom-made lunch in an otherwise empty restaurant, which was rearranged for the occasion.
I presented Evolution of Humanity (silkscreen prints) of the Saudi Arabian artist Ahmed Mater and the ‘Kandahar’ chair of the ‘Furniture for Belligerents’ line by Emeric Lhuisset and Amanullah Mojadidi. This chair was developed in Kabul for the always waiting belligerents, who hang around 95% of their time with their AK47s, without a place to sit. With a simple lightweight and easy-to-carry package two AK47s can be used to create a comfortable chair. The two pieces were perfectly suited for my performance-like presentation.

Ahmed Mater: Evolution of Man, silkscreen prints, 2010

Kandahar chair, by Lhuisset & Mojadidi

Besides, the French artist Renaud Layrac presented the world map painted with used motor oil that was made by the group BP.

World Map (US centred) by Groupe BP (oil stains on paper)

Not only did we have an absolute fantastic time, but according to the guests their eyes were truly opened towards the Middle Eastern art scene.
If you’re interested in hosting or otherwise organizing such a Flying Dinner please contact the Flying Dinner team, & Or get in touch with me!

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