Exhibitions & Events

The following non-exhaustive list includes a few major performing arts activities undertaken in Afghanistan, exhibitions I curated between 2005 to 2015, and a virtual museum I set up in 2014.

Foundation for Culture and Civil Society, executive director, Kabul 2003-2006
Nauroz Music Festival, initiator and producer, Mazar-e Sharif 2004-2006
Theatre du Soleil, organizer of workshops, Kabul 2005

Afghan Pavilion, co-curator and producer, Venice Biennale 2005
Mutanabbi Street wrecks, project curator, the Netherlands 2007
Green Zone / Red Zone, curator, The Hague 2007
Future Afghanistan, curator, The Hague 2008
No Man’s Land, curator, The Hague 2008
Promised Land, curator, The Hague 2009
Blanches Neiges, organized performance in TodaysArt, The Hague 2009
Kabul Pavilion, curator, Amsterdam Biennial 2009
The New Middle East, curator, Amsterdam 2011
I am Anything, I am Everything, curator, Jeddah, 2012
The New World Summit, curator & chair, Berlin 2012
Kochi-Muziris Biennale, curator of five artists, Kerala, India, 2012
Ahmed Mater: Room with a View, co-curator, Sharjah 2013
Ibrahim Quraishi, curator, Art Dubai, 2013
Jonas Staal: The Ideological Guide to the Venice Biennial, project assistant, 2013
Ibrahim Abumsmar: A Saudi Artist in Paris, curator, The Window, Paris 2013
Saudi Artists in Spheres 6, curator, Galleria Continua, Les Moulins, Paris 2013
Contemporary Art and Geopolitics in the Arab world, curator, Paris 2014
Welcome to the End of History, curator, Amsterdam 2014
Fight History: Strategies of Resistance, curator, Amsterdam 2015
Beyond History: Exercise in Imagination, co-curator, Amsterdam 2015

Virtual exhibition: Museum of Contemporary Ancient Arabia, Abu Dhabi, 2014