Searching for Ancient Arabia

I’m about to start a FIND fellowship at New York University Abu Dhabi called ‘Searching for Ancient Arabia’ and I’m looking for artists, curators, critics and scholars to participate in this research project.Ancient Arabia 1

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Discussion of artistic developments in the Gulf

I’m participating in a program called ‘Art of the Revolution’ in De Balie in Amsterdam, with a presentation of how social and cultural developments are behind the art that is emerging in the Gulf countries (with a focus on Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Kuwait). My presentation will provide a counterpoint to the usual overview of how governments in the region are creating massive cultural districts with imported skills and talent, by examining the artists themselves within their context.
After my presentation there will be a discussion
See for more information about the program. Highlights are a performance by Tashweesh and a concert of Zeid and the Wings, later in the evening.

My presentation is on Saturday December 10 at 3 pm.
I will also present some works by the Syrian artist Mahmoud Dayoub (see my following post) in the Balie cafe

Ayman Yossri Daydban: I wanted peace but prepared for war (from his Subtitles series, 2009)

Flying Dinner in Paris

Flying Dinner (c) in Restaurant Zelda, Paris

RobertK presentation of Middle Eastern art at Flying Dinner, Paris. Photo Lea Santamaria

The Flying Dinner team (curator and contemporary art specialist Samantha Barroero and art & wine-expert Linda Grabe) invited me to give a presentation of contemporary Middle Eastern art in Paris, for a select group of collectors, curators and other specialists that were brought together for a lovely Moroccan lunch. The event took place on March 19 2011, after I returned from the Sharjah Biennial and Art Dubai. Continue reading